Launch event success

Apartment launch highlights demand for town-centre living.

A number of instant reservations have been made following the launch of a new development of apartments, West Cliff Mansions, in Bournemouth town centre.

Demonstrating continued demand for high specification opportunities to live in the town centre, the reservations span all price points of the development including the highest priced property.

‘West Cliff Mansions’ in Hahnemann Road, West Cliff, a series of one, two and three bed apartments are being delivered by the Bournemouth Development Company (BDC), a strategic joint venture partnership between BCP Council and national urban regenerator Muse Developments.

Offering the chance to reserve the properties off-plan, visitors to the development were impressed with the high specification, the overall look and feel but equally with sustainability features such as electric vehicle charging points.

Toby Marden, Senior Development Manager, Bournemouth Development Company said: “As with our recently completed Treetops development in St Stephens Road, we have seen a great opening reaction. It appears to be attracting a mix of potential buyers, many with existing connections to the area who are looking to relocate. Others are local residents who are deciding to resize from their current homes. I am encouraged with this strong initial reaction that we continue to have a compelling draw for Bournemouth town centre living.”

Cllr Philip Broadhead, Deputy Leader of BCP Council, said:“It’s exciting to see such a strong reaction on launch and to hear that a commitment to reserve is being made following visits to BDC’s existing schemes, including the Citrus building launched in 2014 and the more recent Treetops building. It’s important we get the specification right and offer quality homes that will generate more footfall into Bournemouth town centre and more income to our high street businesses.”

Those making reservations will be moving into their new apartments in late spring 2022.

For more information or to book your appointment at the event call 01202 497 232 or email WCM@stubbingsltd.co.uk

Launch event success

A brand new collection of apartments will be launching in Bournemouth.

West Cliff Mansions (WCM), which comprises a selection of beautifully specified apartments on Hahnemann Road in West Cliff, will be released for sale off-plan at an event taking place on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July.

Toby Marden, Senior Development Manager, Bournemouth Development Company said: “We are very excited to be delivering this new collection of homes in Bournemouth. This is our fourth residential scheme and follows on from the successful completion earlier in the year of 46 homes at Treetops on St Stephens Road. We have established a reputation over the past 10 years of delivering high quality homes, both in terms of their design and internal finish and specification, so we are excited to be delivering this new collection of homes on the West Cliff, in Bournemouth town centre. We have already had lots of interest, so we are delighted to be able to announce our official launch starting on the 9th July.”

Cllr Philip Broadhead, Deputy Leader of BCP Council, said: “It is great to see the homes at West Cliff Mansions now available for sale. This is the latest scheme to come from the Bournemouth Development Company (BDC), our partnership with Muse Developments, which continues to deliver high quality homes in our town centre.

“It’s extremely important that regeneration benefits local people and local businesses. The BDC has always invested significantly in the local supply chain to the benefit of the local economy, so it is particularly pleasing to see Poole-based Parsons & Joyce Contractors delivering the homes, following on from the fantastic work they did for BDC at Treetops on St Stephens Road”.

Located on Hahnemann Road, the homes enjoy a central location. Located just a short walk from the clifftop and the centre of Bournemouth, residents here will be able to enjoy all that this beautiful and vibrant seaside town has to offer. The homes will be well connected, with the A35 easily accessible and Bournemouth train station just over a mile away, offering regular commuter services to Southampton, Basingstoke, Winchester and London Waterloo.

All of the residences at West Cliff Mansions will enjoy a high level of specification as standard with stylish modern kitchens and contemporary bathrooms.

The homes will be available to reserve off-plan, with a show home expected for late autumn 2021. The first homes are due to be ready to move in to in late spring 2022. Attendance at the launch event is strictly by appointment only. Strict COVID measures will be in place and the sales team will advise attendees of these measures, at the time of booking an appointment.

For more information or to book your appointment at the event call 01202 497 232 or email WCM@stubbingsltd.co.uk

Out & About

Every year, Bournemouth plays host to some fantastic events. From an annual air festival and summer fireworks display, to Yoga workouts on the beach and local foodie markets, this is a destination that has something for everyone.

Whether you are moving to the area for a fresh start or you are local to Bournemouth, here is some inspiration for places to go and things to do this summer…

Christchurch Food Festival

This weekend event is the perfect way to show your support for local businesses, with an array of local food producers, creators and makers lining the streets. And as it’s in the heart of Christchurch there are plenty of good pubs and restaurants to try too.

Christchurch food festival
Indicative image

Bournemouth Air Festival

Undoubtedly one of the town’s most well-loved events, the Bournemouth Air Festival has been running for over ten years and has entertained over 10 million people with its family-friendly events and wonderful acrobatic air displays.

Beach yoga fest

The UK’s only beach Yoga festival takes place over three days and is a great chance to try something new, with an eclectic timetable of classes that includes an array of practices including SUP Yoga for those that want to get on the water.

Indicative image
Poole Harbour festival

Bournemouth 7s

The world’s largest sports and music festival is home to a top musical line-up, attracting over 30,000 festival-goers and over 400 sports teams (from rugby and netball to dodgeball and hockey).


Centred around the British Beach Polo Championships, this exclusive event will take place in Sandbanks and will include a number of polo matches as well as vibrant beach parties featuring live bands and top DJs.

Indicative image
Indicative image

Foodie Festival

MasterChef champion, Tom Rhodes, will be joined by other famous chefs alongside a host of bands for this three day extravaganza in Kings Park.

Pier to Pier Swim

A popular community event that sees hundreds of people take to the water to raise vital funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Indicative image
Poole Harbour Festival

Poole Harbour Festival

This family-friendly two day festival is hosted just a stone’s throw from Poole Quay and brings together some of the best tribute acts alongside food stalls and entertainment shows.


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Step inside our new residences and discover contemporary coastal living at its finest.

Our stylish collection of one, two and three bedroom residences have been designed with the utmost attention to detail, featuring stunning interior finishes and some homes enjoy breathtaking views of one of the UK’s most impressive coastlines.

Our residences come complete with a fully integrated kitchen, contemporary bathroom suite, and a spacious open plan living area that boasts access to a private balcony/terrace. The ultimate place to unwind, live in the moment and make long lasting memories.

Picture it: instead of waking up to a busy commute you wake up to a relaxed stroll. At 6am your feet don’t hit the platform, they hit the sand. You feel the crunch beneath your toes as you prepare to dive in and ‘seas’ the day. Cold water dips have become your favourite pre-coffee ritual. The blissful sound of birdsong has replaced the screeching sound of car horns (if only for a short while before you let the day in). 

You spot the same friendly faces and exchange kind words before retreating to your residence, and that is when you realise; this is more than a place to call home, this is where you belong.

Computer generated image. Details and final as built product may vary on completion of development.  Computer generated images are intended for illustrative purposes only, they are not representative of a layout or interior. Furniture, soft furnishings, wall covering, window treatments and light fittings are not part of the standard specification. Click here to read our disclaimer.

Living in the

Life here is all about slowing down and enjoying every moment. Discover your moment in time at West Cliff Mansions with these tried and tested mindfulness techniques:

Indicative image


Slow down and take in your surroundings. Leave your smartphone inside, sit outside and observe life. Watch the cars weave in and out of the streets, look for local landmarks, concentrate on the coastline; simply observing what’s around you is a fantastic way to pause and reset.


Breathing is probably the most natural and instinctive thing we do, but it’s also one of the things that is on autopilot and we rarely stop to think about it. But focusing on your breath can be a really effective way to slow down and appreciate the moment. Slowly inhale and exhale while placing one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest.


Walking is one of the best ways to not only slow down and appreciate the moment, but also to appreciate the area you live in. West Cliff Mansions is ideally located for exploring Bournemouth on foot. Head to the clifftop, wander through the park and down to the beachfront, all the while focusing on your steps to heighten awareness and connection to the present moment.


Meditation looks different for everyone but if you are new to the practice there are a few apps that might be able to help you discover what’s right for you. Both Calm and Headspace are popular choices and take you through a number of guided meditations alongside sleep stories. Pop in your headphones and stroll along the beach for an added sense of relaxation.

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sea boost

We explore the health benefits of living by the sea.

Living at West Cliff Mansions means you are close to one of the most remarkable coastlines in the country. Bournemouth beach is well-known for its silky smooth sand and stunning scenery, and it’s a popular destination for holidaymakers, not just from the UK, but from all over the world. During the last year Bournemouth has also become a wellbeing destination, as more and more people begin to explore the health benefits of living by the sea and swimming in cold water.

The link between our oceans, rivers and waterways and our overall wellbeing is not a new concept; Marine biologist, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, has been researching the theory since 2013. His research into the Blue Mind movement reveals a whole host of health benefits for both the body and mind when living near water. There is lots of other research to support this;

Rightmove’s Happy at Home index in 2020 found that on average people are generally happier when living in coastal locations.

So what are the wellbeing benefits of living near the ocean? And why is coldwater swimming becoming increasingly popular?

Reduces cortisol levels
Being near water can reduce your cortisol levels, which is the hormone responsible for stress. Hearing the ebb and flow of water and watching waves move up and down can be incredibly calming and the movement is thought to reduce stress and anxiety and place us in a ‘mildly meditative state’.

Indicative image
Indicative image

Increases energy levels
Lots of people call upon cold water immersion to clear their minds and set them up for the day. The science suggests that the shock of the water increases your alertness, which in turn makes you feel revitalised and refreshed.

Reduces inflammation
A study by the University of Portsmouth and Royal Sussex County Hospital found that cold water swimmers’ stress and inflammatory responses were lower and they developed fewer colds and infections than their partners.

Mood booster
When diving into icy waters, the body releases a host of chemicals including serotonin, otherwise known as the happy hormone. It does this to fight off the chill, but after being in the water for even just a few seconds the body begins to acclimatise and releases the feel good factor.

Indicative image
Indicative image

Creates community
There’s no doubt that cold water creates community, with an array of swimming groups, surfing and paddleboarding tribes to join. Bournemouth has a number of watersports groups and training centres, all designed to help people try out a new sport or activity that’s connected to the sea.

Provides purpose
Feeling connected to the natural world can improve our sense of purpose and overall wellbeing. When worked into a daily routine, whether alone or with groups of friends, walking on the beach and/or diving into the sea can help you maintain focus and appreciate your surroundings.

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Meet the


Matthew Salter, Associate Director at HGP (the architects behind West Cliff Mansions), shares the detail in creating a new coastal community and bringing the vision to life.

“Our proposal reflects on the conservation area setting in a contemporary manner, creating a new garden villa for the town of Bournemouth.

The scheme references the prevalent villa typology of the West Cliff and Poole Hill conservation area as a springboard for putting forward a modern vernacular expression.

Undertaking a thorough character analysis of the site and its wider grain, we designed a building that subtly references its context, creating a new interpretation of local building culture. The villa sits centred on the site, discreetly screened from street view behind a planted boundary. We adopted a sensitive approach, recognising the value of the mature trees on site and preserving these to create an enhanced landscape setting. These play a role in giving privacy, as well as lending residents an optimum outdoor space that goes a long way towards promoting wellness.

Within this landscape, a fluent vocabulary of tall and slender Victorian windows emerges. Horizontal banding and corner features add a sense of robustness to the building’s expression, holding the building together as a continuous, monolithic ensemble. The technical resolution of service facilities such as bike storage incorporated within the building envelope further adds to this clean articulation.

Although it stands as a strong, autonomous figure, the distinct character of the block engages with the landscape around it via external terraces. These provide a considered amenity space for residents when they choose to sit outside. On colder days, the gentle, rendered projecting bay windows can immerse them further into the landscape from the comfort of being indoors.”

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