Go with the flow

Bournemouth is the ideal place to slow down and live in the moment. Its stunning coastal location and close-knit community make it a highly sought-after destination for those searching for the perfect balance. And when it comes to slowing down and exploring the community there are so many options right here on your doorstep; a sunset dog walk, a sunrise surf, or why not try a virtual Vinyasa?

Bournemouth has a wonderful Yoga community, says Amber Fidley, Founder of the Yoga Lounge. In this exclusive interview she tells us more about the local community and shares some of her tips on how to stay grounded in the present:

Amber Fidley

Photographic credit: Rene August & Form and Story

“I started practicing Yoga in 2007. I was living in London and was a bit of a gym bunny. I just assumed that to be healthy I had to work hard in the gym – I didn’t have time to sit and relax; it was all about getting in, getting my heart rate up and getting on with the day. But then a friend introduced me to Bikram Yoga. I did a 30-day trial and it was transformational – it was hard work, hot, sweaty and got my cardiovascular system going. That’s when I realised Yoga can be a fantastic workout, and unlike the gym, it works with the body. It really helped not only my physical ability but my mental state – the practice had such a profound impact on me I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, which is when I did my teacher training so I could look at starting my own studio.

I wanted to get out of London and live more in the moment, so started looking at seaside locations. I had lived in Sydney before and found Bournemouth offered a really similar lifestyle; amazing beaches, vibrancy and energy, an active way of life, a focus on wellbeing and a real get up and go vibe (but a lot more chilled out than London). When I did my demographic research here I found that 45% of the population are young, working professionals. Of course there’s a real mix here of people who have retired, students etc. and it’s because Bournemouth has a bit of everything.

Photo- Rene August www.reneaugust.com

I first opened as Bikram Yoga in 2012 and rebranded in 2017 as the Yoga Lounge. We offer everything from hot Vinyasa Yoga classes to aerial Yoga sessions. Last year, like everyone, we were forced to innovate and we introduced an online subscription. Now members have the option to come into the studio or stream classes online, we have about 30 classes a week.

My mission was always to provide a welcoming, non-judgemental environment for anybody to come and do Yoga. Lots of people have this interpretation that to do Yoga you have to be into tree hugging and herbal tea drinking, but that’s not true. It’s for everyone. I want people of any age, size, and fitness level to come and experience how invaluable it can be. We’re all so busy and often lead stressful, hectic lives – Yoga can provide you with clarity and the space to take time out and still the mind.”

Top 5 mindfulness tips

Amber Fidler, Founder of the Yoga Lounge in Bournemouth shares her top five tips on how to live in the moment:

  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘be in the moment’, it has to feel right.
  2. Put down your phone, even just for ten minutes at a time as that can really help quieten the distractions.
  3. Remember that the thing you have to do, whether it’s work or a to do list, it’s going to be there later so give yourself permission to stop for a minute.
  4. Appreciate what’s in front of you – you don’t have to be doing anything special or particularly unique, it could just be sitting with a nice cup of tea looking at the ocean.
  5. Learn to take pleasure in the small things.