Meet the


Matthew Salter, Associate Director at HGP (the architects behind West Cliff Mansions), shares the detail in creating a new coastal community and bringing the vision to life.

“Our proposal reflects on the conservation area setting in a contemporary manner, creating a new garden villa for the town of Bournemouth.

The scheme references the prevalent villa typology of the West Cliff and Poole Hill conservation area as a springboard for putting forward a modern vernacular expression.

Undertaking a thorough character analysis of the site and its wider grain, we designed a building that subtly references its context, creating a new interpretation of local building culture. The villa sits centred on the site, discreetly screened from street view behind a planted boundary. We adopted a sensitive approach, recognising the value of the mature trees on site and preserving these to create an enhanced landscape setting. These play a role in giving privacy, as well as lending residents an optimum outdoor space that goes a long way towards promoting wellness.

Within this landscape, a fluent vocabulary of tall and slender Victorian windows emerges. Horizontal banding and corner features add a sense of robustness to the building’s expression, holding the building together as a continuous, monolithic ensemble. The technical resolution of service facilities such as bike storage incorporated within the building envelope further adds to this clean articulation.

Although it stands as a strong, autonomous figure, the distinct character of the block engages with the landscape around it via external terraces. These provide a considered amenity space for residents when they choose to sit outside. On colder days, the gentle, rendered projecting bay windows can immerse them further into the landscape from the comfort of being indoors.”

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